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canada goose clearance sale The party’s transition spokesman told reporters this week that it would be open to the ban applying only to newly hired or appointed individuals but not those currently employed.Still, legal experts believe the proposal canada goose outlet store uk violates constitutional protections of freedom of religion and will be the subject of a barrage of legal challenges, just like the late Liberal government’s “religious neutrality law,” a controversial piece of legislation passed last year that forbids anyone from receiving or providing a public service with his or her face covered.If the measure is challenged in the courts, Legault said, he plans to invoke the “notwithstanding clause,” a controversial and infrequently used constitutional power that allows provincial or federal governments to override judicial rulings and the constitution, to enforce the ban.Quebec, unlike the rest of Canada, was dominated for decades by the Catholic Church, which ran the province’s education and health care systems until anticlerical upheaval in the 1960s weakened its stranglehold over public and private life.This is not the first time the crucifix, which has been hanging above the speaker’s canada goose outlet germany chair in the provincial legislature since 1936, has found itself at the center of a debate over religious symbols.In canada goose outlet uk 2008, then Premier Jean Charest ordered a commission to look into the “reasonable accommodation of minorities” after disputes between religious groups and local institutions garnered attention.In one, a YMCA in Montreal frosted its windows at the behest of a nearby synagogue, which wanted to obscure the view of women in tight exercise clothing canada goose factory outlet toronto location from its members. In another, a maple syrup shack removed pork from its menu to allow Muslims to participate in an annual spring maple syrup tradition known canada goose outlet store near me as “sugaring off.”The commission’s report found that Quebec’s identity was “far from being in a critical situation.” Still, it recommended that employees who “exercise a power of coercion” be barred buy canada goose uk from wearing religious symbols. It exempted teachers and also advised the government to remove the crucifix from the legislature.”In canada goose outlet toronto address the name of both the canada goose outlet vancouver separation of the state and churches and canada goose parka uk state neutrality, we are of the opinion that the crucifix should be removed from the wall of the National Assembly, which is the very embodiment of the constitutional state,” the report said.The government shelved the report and kept the crucifix where it is. canada goose clearance sale

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