The trio understood to be a father and his two sons as their mother watched on was swimming near The Colonnades, off The Blvd on Phillip Island, around 5.30pm when emergency services were alerted to the distressed swimmers.A 45 year old man could not be revived at the scene. Picture: Channel NineSource:Channel 9Paramedics performed CPR on a 45 year old man who was pulled from the water, but he could not be revived.DROWNING VICTIM SISTER WARNS OF BEACH DANGERSWATER SAFETY PLEA AS DROWNINGS REACH 10 YEAR HIGHOCEAN DYE HIGHLIGHTS DEADLY RIPPhillip Island’s wild beaches have claimed at least five lives since January 2016. File image: Mark StewartSource:News Corp AustraliaThe Air Wing and volunteer lifesavers from Woolamai Beach Surf Life Saving Club also searched for a 20 year old man, who was located but later died at the scene.The third swimmer, a 12 year old boy, was taken by ambulance to Monash Children Hospital in a stable condition after swimming to safety.Conditions around the area were treacherous today, with Woolamai Beach Surf Lifesaving Club on Monday morning warning people to avoid the beach due to dangerous conditions.information we received from the members down there is that the conditions were certainly challenging, Lifesaving Victoria state duty officer Kane Treloar said.urge all beachgoers to check the conditions before going out to the water and to choose a location that matches their abilities.

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