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This particular college town (and the people he was visiting) is especially free spirited and of a communal nature, so I wasn surprised that everyone was eating vegetarian dinners and walking around canada goose outlet new york naked. Tom thoughtfully listened to my concerns about the hot tub and worked hard to reassure me that wasn like that. Even though I absolutely believe him that nothing happened, and that the hot tub party wasn exactly a sexual romp in hot water, it still eating away at me that he was naked with girls I don know in a hot tub..

Finally here it is again, one of my biggest SVU pet peeves yet another pretty young woman was the perp. How many of you knew it, as soon as Gloria walked into her father’s living room? Because, as noted last week, it is an immutable law of SVU that any time a pretty young woman has a significant role before the second commercial break, she will either turn out to be a rape victim or a violent criminal. On SVU, women are incredibly dangerous.

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