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And then when you do get content, it written for Google, so there 5 paragraphs of story before you get to what you need. Like, I get that it nice you made up some bs story about how your paw paw used to ask canada goose parka outlet you for help with the carpentry, but I just want to know what length nail to drive into these two bits of wood to stop my couch collapsing. This whole Web page should be canada goose outlet mall a table and a paragraph of text explaining how to read it.And don get me started on the “read more” button. As if all that JavaScript comes canada goose vest outlet for nothing. Web pages are not just about delivering content. The web is not what it was 20 years ago. Websites make money, they follow usage (analytics) and use a ton of advertising. That where a lot of the JS comes from for regular websites.That twitter joke refers to developers who work on web applications and not makers of static brochure websites where problems can be solved with a bit of pure JS. Those two are constantly conflated throughout the article. Static brochure websites that are just about delivering content!= web applications.So much effort poured into all this JavaScript. You seem to have to learn so much, new frameworks, new build tools, new ways of testing; and most of the time it is making the experience worse for your users.New build tools and ways of testing definitely do not make experience worse for users, unless you working on something extremely trivial that doesn actually necessitate the need for build test tooling. In which case you a severely under challenged developer and you need to work on something non trivial to see why the front end web is where it is.In canada goose outlet miami practice your website would do everything it needed to with some HTML files linking to some CSS.I really wish I have your job if you consider this a true statement. Typing away at HTML and CSS as a senior developer and making bank on trivial static websites.That said, here my personal opinion. StackOverflow is the best website at canada goose jacket outlet uk properly utilizing JavaScript. It canada goose outlet ottawa one of the fastest websites in the world because it knows exactly where the server and where the client needs to work to achieve optimal performance. But not all web applications are the same and not all clients are the same so writing broad brush articles about how other people should do what they do is arrogant and ill informed at best. The conflation is cheap canada goose happening by developers of websites who think they are building webapps, when they not.I canada goose jacket uk have worked on two enterprise UIs. Both of which are in fact, just websites. Yet both of which were designed as if they were web apps stateful UIs, fancy page transitions, fixed header and footer and sidebar with a teeny tiny little bit of scrollable content in between (to make them feel more “appy”). All of these things have consequences for both implementation cost, and end user cost. Neither of those websites masquerading as webapps did anything beneficial for the user that a traditional stateless request/response site couldn have done. Literally nothing. Not saying they didn need JS (they did), but they didn need to be built on top of a heavy JS framework, at all.But in exchange, we had to take on state management and all the problems contained therein. We had to deal with fixed elements in CSS, and all the cross browser problems contained therein. Mobile users were literally SOL we did not support mobile at all because it just wasn in the budget canada goose outlet houston for it. The initial page request for each “app” was several MB. Even lazy loading of a new module was 1 2MB. All for what? Fancy page transitions so that the website falsely felt like an app. His criticisms are very valid.The reality is that most of the web content is delivered by technologies designed to deliver applications like Google Sheets, Spotify or Pandora. Well guess what? Those applications are the exception rather than the norm on the web. The norm is websites like blogs, recipe sites, news sites, forums, etc. Those are fundamentally not webapps, yet are built with the same technology that webapps are. And it not even that. It also unnecessary shit like parallax scrolling, or scrolljacking, or any of this other bullshit that just creates for a hostile user experience. This makes them bloated.But let not even talk about mobile for a second. More and more sites are making my Macbook Pro canada goose outlet location and Windows laptops scream like banshees. News sites were free, they didn typically have subscriptions or paywalls and these sites nowadays have heavy media such as HiDPI pictures, Video, audio all of which the “web” didn really do when I was a kid.sites done well in a SPA will typically be faster than their traditional sites after first page load; hell even faster if you start pre loading content upon mouse hover over article links etc. the idea is to turn them into real time experiences the issue is that the education around creating proper SPA is limited because they are still very much an immature piece to the web.the very site the article is posted on is a PWA web app and it super snappy and capable (even though not implemented) of operating in an offline mode; something a traditional site can dream of.go over some stats just from the site the article is posted on:First load is 1MB on my machine349KB is media (Images mostly; can be cached)The article itself is roughly 51.7KB per Chrome232KB was API requests (Mostly around Serviceworker fetches of additional media)The JS webapp was 314KB with like 45KB being analytics (static site will need this also most likely)With the above, after first visit the pressure on the user is reduced down to media, and a subset of API calls; so let go over a full refresh with the PWA app:.

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