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Back at school in Alabama, Kammie stayed back a year, in part to escape the teasing of her classmates who knew her as a boy. In her new grade, she told people that the boy they’d known was her twin brother who had since moved away. (“Obviously,” Kammie added, “people were like ‘We know that’s not true,’ so the bullying proceeded.”) But then Pippin cheap canada goose jacket got a job offer in Dallas, and the family moved..

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The other major changes in NAFTA are procedural terms that matter more for the precedent they set than any near term effect on the lives of actual human beings. For political theorists and academics, the Trump administration’s efforts to jettison the Investor State Dispute Settlement process are a promising development. ISDS panels allow corporations to challenge a country’s laws and regulations before a secretive, unelected international tribunal.

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