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But his discussion of education, science and politics was always flavored with allusions to classical philosophers, especially Plato and Aristotle. He admired Plato because Plato balanced desire and anger with doses of logic. And he repeatedly cited Aristotle’s midway of virtue as the defining moment for human actions.

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So these were uncorroborated reports. And anonymous sources have were the ones that were relied on for this. And the information was released by BuzzFeed after they obtained the information several months maybe possibly a year after the information was originally compiled..

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My brother and I have always liked ‘building’ things. In late 2001, I left McKinsey and we started working together to try and build something that would be unique and new. As we looked around at the landscape of options available to us, we suddenly recalled Abhishek’s editing experience from over a year ago..

It is so true! I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and tend to trust unless I have been given a reason not to. Once my trust is broken, it takes a lot to get it back. There are some people who I can’t trust anymore and it makes me very sad..

I have long believed that our unconscious mind has the blue print of perfect health. I’ve likely mentioned elsewhere its power and priority to preserve our body as one of its prime directives. This means storing negative memories (or actually the emotions attached to them) in our bodies while it waits for an opportunity to consciously resolve these inconsistencies, thus restoring balance to the body..

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