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canada goose uk black friday About 15 percent of the 1,650 private schools surveyed by the state failed to reach that threshold, compared with 5 percent of public schools.\n\n\n\nThere were 110 private schools statewide where more than half the kindergartners skipped some or all of their shots, according to AP\u0027s analysis, with Highland Hall Waldorf School in Northridge \u0097 where 84 percent opted out \u0097 topping the list.\n\n\n\nParents cite a variety of reasons for not immunizing their children, among them: religious values, concerns the shots themselves could cause illness and a belief that allowing children to get sick helps them to build a stronger immune system. Likewise, there\u0027s no single explanation that accounts for why so many more parents who send their children to private schools apparently share a suspicion of immunizations.\n\n\n\nSaad Omer, a professor of global health at Emory University in Atlanta who has studied vaccine refusal in private schools, surmised more private school parents are wealthy and have the time to spread five shots over a series of years and stay home should their child get an illness like chickenpox. Neal Halsey, a professor of pediatric infectious diseases at the Johns Hopkins University, said parents who choose private schools are likely to be more skeptical of state requirements and recommendations.\n\n\n\nBibi Reber, whose children attend the Waldorf inspired Greenwood School in Mill Valley, had her children vaccinated only for what she sees as the deadliest diseases. canada goose uk black friday

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