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canada goose uk outlet But what has been swept under the carpet during his six decade billion dollar career is that he has absolutely terrible grammar.However, now that he has announced his first Australian tour in almost a quarter of a century, it is time that official canada goose outlet Sir Paul learnt what social media has taught the rest of us in recent years: We are living in the age of the Grammar Nazi.And so in that spirit I present MCCARTNEY: A CATALOGUE OF GRAMMAR FAILURELove Me DoThe first ever Lennon McCartney single in the UK was composed primarily by Paul and you don even have to go past the title, which sounds like it was written by Yoda.Obviously this is a complete garbling of the imperative mood and at best is missing a comma, as in: me, do! Even with the redundant third word, the correct usage should be love me or simply the vastly more efficient me S. I Love YouIronically, in a song written about writing, McCartney commits one of songwriting worst faux pas (which, incidentally, is both singular and plural), which is to a word with the same word.Unfortunately this is not uncommon, however McCartney manages to rhyme not just one but two words with the same two words and make this the central hook of the song:As I write he has a good point Canada Goose UK this letter, send my love to youRemember that I always be in love with youFor shame, Sir Paul, for shame.For No OneOne of the most hauntingly beautiful ballads ever written, and a centrepiece of the Beatles landmark album Revolver, this song nonetheless hinges on a deep logical fallacy in the second verse:You want her, you need her, and yet you don believe her when she says her love is deadSurely it is obvious canada goose outlet in usa to any student of human nature that if the protagonist both wants her and needs the canada goose jacket outlet object of his romantic affection he is unlikely to believe her when she says her love is dead.Clearly the lyric should be:Y ou want her, you need her, and therefore you don believe her when she says her love is deadMartha My DearThis is a love song Paul McCartney wrote to his sheepdog and yet remarkably that is not the most offensive thing about it.Consider the opening verse:Martha, my dearThough I spend my days in conversation, canada goose outlet online uk pleaseRemember meFirstly, this is a complete non sequitur. Why on earth would a sheepdog not remember her master simply because he spends his days in conversation?Moreover, with whom is he conversing? Obviously, if he is conversing with his sheepdog then it would be impossible for the dog not to remember him unless both were in the throes of dementia canada goose uk outlet.

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