Right. In dating life, we as women are constantly evaluating the guy, analyzing the relationship as it is now, and trying to envision what it will become (“Where is this going?”). More often than not, even when we feel “head over heels” for him, the question persists “Is he The One?” Some of us are reluctant to really examine this question, because we may have been burned by someone we thought was a keeper, or changed or minds when the person we loved turned out to be someone different than we thought.

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Drinking water between meals also generally makes us feel fuller and can help to manage our appetite. It’s important, however, not to drink lots of water immediately before, during or after a meal: this dilutes the digestive juices and can have a negative impact on our digestion. After ovulation and in the lead up to menstruation.

At present, dictator Buhari is diverting arms purchased for

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