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John Allen Chau was killed last week by North Sentinel islanders who apparently shot him with arrows and then buried his body on the beach, police say.But even officials don travel to North Sentinel, where people live as their ancestors did thousands of years ago, and where outsiders are seen with suspicion and attacked.Story continues belowa difficult proposition, said Dependera Pathak, director general of police on India Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where North Sentinel is located. Have to see what is possible, taking utmost care of the sensitivity of the group and the legal requirements. Are consulting anthropologists, tribal welfare experts and scholars to figure out a way to recover the body, he said.While visits to the island are heavily restricted, Chau paid fishermen last week to take him replica designer backpacks near North Sentinel, using a kayak to paddle to shore and bringing gifts including a football and fish.

That was also a real woman who was in real distress and then really died. So how much time has to pass before a death is acceptable source material? (Look also at all of the “ripped from the headlines” crime procedurals on tv.) Here a similar theoretical question that comes up in my job. A newspaper article from yesterday is a secondary source.

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