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high quality replica handbags HomeNewsUK World NewsIn The NewsTen speed camera myths busted everything you need to knowDo you have to be doing at least 10 per cent of the limit, plus 2mph, to be caught?Often there are cameras put on roads with past problems but there are a few myths surrounding the yellow boxes that people have come to believe are factual. And equally, there are other things that a lot motorists don’t appreciate as much as they should.Here are 10 statements people say that are true or false, debunked by Gazette Live.1) Not all speed cameras work, some are replica bags switched off trueA spokesman for Brake said: “Various Freedom of Information requests have revealed that some speed cameras are not fully operational in the UK.”Brake fully supports the use of speed cameras and would encourage the return to use of any cameras that have been turned off. Speed cameras are proven to reduce speeding and can catch far higher numbers of speeding drivers than traffic police with mobile cameras.”Drivers are dicing with death at this Cambridgeshire level crossing2) You have to be speeding at least 10% of the limit plus 2mph, to get caught replica bags australia false (ish) The law states that a driver can receive a speeding ticket as soon as they exceed the speed limit on a road, even if that is only by 1mph.However, guidance provided by the NPCC (National Police Chiefs Council, formally ACPO, Association of Chief Police Officers), suggests that officers do not seek prosecution of a driver until they have exceeded the speed limit by 10%, plus 2mph.Brake says: “It is important to note this guidance is not legally entrenched and that officers have the discretion to act outside it drivers should be aware that this guidance also does not mean that they can break the speed limit legally.”In January this year, Chief Con Anthony Bangham is reported to have said that speed awareness courses have become the “expected norm” and that there should be more penalty points, fines and prosecutions to instil fear in drivers.And the National Police Chiefs’ lead on road policy is said to have called for an end to the 10% plus two miles buffer over the stated limit that most police forces allow.3) If you drive really fast, you won’t trigger the camera false Nonsense high quality replica handbags.

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