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goose outlet canada Current Torbjorn can do pretty much the same thing, it not rewarding to destroy a turret if another one goes up a second later.The 3 seconds after taking damage is undoubtedly to prevent cheese where Torbjorn throws a fresh turret out just before the current one dies.That being said, I not sure about the Torb changes at face value: I not huge on making him a generalist (although if he anti Goats that would actually be dope), and considering Jeff said Sym rework was a success I cautiousEDIT: The forum post actually looks really cool, but I thought the same canada goose discount uk thing about Sym so I not entirely sure lolEDIT 2: As others have canada goose outlet store montreal pointed out, not calling Sym rework a success is harsh. I think the potential is definitely there to make her really cool with this design, but she a bit underpowered. In that sense, yeah definitely a success.In the term of usage I don know, we see flashes of her in pro level as a cheap canada goose gimmick strat (which we didn get with old Sym), but I feel like in everyday play I never think “Ah, I could play Sym here and it help the team” whereas with old Sym I did have that on 2CP defense at least.I agree with you saying she underpowered, goose outlet canada I hope they slowly work her up without making her more annoying to play against like the earlier Sym iterations (which she still feels like at times imo)Fix your goddamn buggy bullshit half assed encounters. goose outlet canada

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