canada goose Tags Ads irish ads Terenure See other tags Tags 10 iconic lines from ads that no Irish person will ever be able to forget For better or for worse. By Valerie Loftus Sunday 21 Jan 2018, 8:00 PM Jan 21st 2018, 8:01 PM 20,373 Views 12 Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/3798247 Share22 Tweet Email Source: YouTube“WHO’S TAKING THE horse to France?” and Sally O’Brien are firmly part of the Irish pop culture lexicon now.But here are some more lines from ads that, from either being a) constantly aired or b) actually funny, will probably remain in your brain forever.1. ”They’re putting my idea on fayle. In a fayling CYABINET” Source: YouTubeIs anyone in Ireland able to say “on file” any more without someone adding “in a filing CYABINET”? Nope.2. “I don’t know what a tracker mortgage is“ Source: YouTubeWhere is that guy’s Oscar? Where is it?3.  G-g-g-Galway! Source: immersionirl/YouTubeThis is less of a line than it is a rap? A feeling? A state of being?4. “Is this a daaate?” Source: YouTubeThe resurgence in people referencing this Barry’s Tea ad (now ten years old!) has been hugely exciting. The hair , the phone, the lingering glances over cups of tea – it is a priceless relic and should never ever be forgotten.5. “Hiya Kate? It’s me Canada Goose , the guy from the bar!“ Source: YouTubeEven if you’ve seen this add a hundred times, the punchline is still a bit of a surprise. BLANTANT anti-culchie propaganda, but what can you do about it now.6. “Horse racing – let yourself gooooooooooooo” Source: McGooMedia/YouTubeDon’t know about you, but this still pops into our heads, unbidden, so many years later. Hector is haunting us.7. “That’s TINTED moisturiser ya PLANK“ Source: YouTubeThe “WHAAAAT?” is also iconic, but the use of ‘plank’ really clinches it here for the mam.8. “Féach ar seo ladsssss” Source: Chef IrelandSadly, all evidence of this ad has been wiped from the internet, but ask anyone who grew up in the 2000s about the Chef Ketchup ad set in the Gaeltacht and they will remember.Here’s the basic premise – fed up with the food the bean an tí is giving him, a young lad writes home and asks for some Chef Ketchup. When it arrives, he exclaims to his fellow students: “Féach ar seo ladssssss!” And lo, a catchphrase was born. Source: nev/Twitter"Féach ar seo lads" – The original badass— Emmet Murphy (@EmmetMurphy7) May 13, 2014 Source: Emmet Murphy/Twitter9. “Terenure!” Source: OurOldNameWasCooler/YouTubeSometime around 2008, AIB released a charming ad featuring a woman extolling the virtues of her native Dublin suburb, Terenure. (Really. She says the word ‘Terenure’ four times in 15 seconds.)For those who knew nothing of the place before seeing the ad, Marie has become its unofficial spokesperson. TERENURE!10. And of course: “Ciúnas bothar cailín bainne” Source: YouTubeThe whole country’s feeling of smugness in speaking a few words of Irish abroad, distilled into a 50-second ad.canada goose outlet is on Instagram! canada goose parka

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