“Ah,” said Piglet. “Well here the thing. There are two things that you need to know, Pooh. True, the law must take its own course, all the more so in the cases involving the infamous Reddy brothers of Karnataka. The arrest of the state’s former tourism minister G Janardhana Reddy and his brother in law B V Srinivas Reddy, managing director of the Obulapuram Mining Company, is only the first step in the “law taking its own course”.Though the Central Bureau of Investigation has shown uncharacteristic courage in recent months in arresting powerful and influential people, it has not shown equal evidence of competence in gathering data and defending its case.Thus, in Hyderabad, where the two Reddys have been taken after their arrest, industrialist Ramalinga Raju has been languishing in custody as an undertrial for over two years, with no court willing to grant him bail and the CBI still struggling to put together a defence of its actions that would enable the “law to take its own course”.In Delhi’s Tihar Jail several politicians and corporate executives are in custody as undertrials in cases related to the allocation of 2G telecom licences and the Commonwealth Games scam, with the CBI not ready to file charges and the law is taking its own time to take its course!Image: Former telecom minister A Raja was arrested for his alleged role in the 2G scamGiven that CBI took its time in making the law take its course in the case of both Suresh Kalmadi along with his associates and the Reddys of Karnataka, one would assume that adequate homework had already been done.However, given the delay in granting bail to the detainees, who are still undertrials, it would seem as if CBI starts its investigation after it has arrested the “suspects”.If this is not a fair view of CBI, then it is incumbent upon the investigation agency to prove its innocence in this regard. Otherwise, the opinion will gain ground that more often than not the CBI first arrests suspects and then begins its investigation to gather evidence against them.

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Don get me wrong, I love the series, but when a game like SFV

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