Wallace is credited for originating the news magazine style that is still used for broadcast news programs to this day. Already an established journalist when the show debuted, Wallace brought hard nose interviews to 60 Minutes that would make him a feared name in the business. Early in the show’s run, the use of ambush interviews were popular but Wallace dismissed them saying they made for good television but poor interviews.

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WAS: “The Soul of Nina Simone” on RCA/Legacy is notable for its video segments, especially a pair of songs she performed on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1960. With a uniformly white audience in attendance, Ms. Simone sang unsmiling and diffident versions of “Love Me or Leave Me” and “I Loves You, Porgy,” which she scored a rare top 40 hit with in 1959..

Aside from the aesthetic value of keeping your body trim and slim, there are serious health benefits to keeping your weight in check. This is especially true when it comes to additional weight in the abdominal region. Visceral fat, commonly known as white fat, is what settles around your organs when you put on weight in your belly.

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