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Celine Replica This Cambridge academic claimed 2.5 million of taxpayers’ money to fund luxury lifestyleDr. Ehsan Abdi Jalebi used fake documents to siphon off money into his own accountsEhsan Abdi Jalebi has been jailedGet daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA Cambridge University academic who fraudulently claimed almost million in government grants has been jailed for four years.After an investigation by the National Crime Agency, Dr. Ehsan Abdi Jalebi, 38, a former engineering student and Bye Fellow at the university, used fake documents to siphon off money into his own accounts.The money was supposed to be funding allocated to the development of renewable energy projects.Abdi Jalebi used the money to fund a lavish lifestyle well beyond the means of his legitimate income, including the purchase of property near Cambridge and the lease of a Maserati sports car.He was found carrying around cash concealed inside chocolate boxesHe was initially detained by Border Force officers at Heathrow as he attempted to board a flight to Tehran in September 2015.Officers found cash hidden inside his luggage and referred the case to the NCA.However, Abdi Jalebi was able to provide documents which showed the money was his and had been sourced legally, so he was allowed to proceed.He was stopped celine dion outlet again at Heathrow in December the same year, again carrying around cash this time concealed inside chocolate boxes.The money was detained as NCA investigators noticed that he attempted to use many of the same documents as he had in December 2015 to prove its legitimacy.In May 2016, he attempted to leave the country carrying a large amount of cash, around which was also detained.Officers found cash hidden inside luggageThis sparked a further investigation by the NCA into Abdi Jalebi’s finances and the companies he was involved with, who were all in the business of renewable energy research.Investigators discovered that the companies had made a series of grant applications to the government to fund celine bag replica aliexpress research, but on a number of occasions Abdi Jalebi had falsified documents including invoices, accounts and bank statements to show what was happening to the money.Forged invoices were sent to his accountants outlining payments that were either non existent or for which the amount had been altered.At the same time he had used the bank accounts of some of his PHD research students to receive what were referenced celine outlet singapore as ‘studentship payments’ from the companies, with the money then being transferred into his own personal accounts.In total, investigators found he had fraudulently claimed around million in grants.Analysis of his personal accounts by the NCA showed that he had withdrawn more than in cash over a period of just under four years.NCA investigators also believe he took hundreds of thousands of pounds to Iran where some or all of it was invested in property.On Friday, December 21, at Blackfriars Crown Court, Abdi Jalebi admitted 13 counts of forgery and was sentenced to four years in prison.NCA senior investigating officer Ian Truby said: “While the companies that Dr Abdi Jalebi was involved with were doing some legitimate work in the field of renewable energy, he used them as a cash cow to siphon off money Celine Replica.

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