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It’s in sports, the home field advantage. Until you have a relationship with a lawyer, it is “on you” to be on time. You should not dawdle.. Arkansas’s voter ID law was recently declared unconstitutional by a judge, who ruled that it violated the state constitution right to vote. But for now, the law is still in effect and it created chaos and confusion in its first real test Tuesday. Just as troubling, the state’s election administrators are reacting with a collective shrug..

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canada goose outlet online Looking back, while I believe in the importance of organizations like STAND, I am canada goose outlet uk now skeptical. There is a part of me that thinks many of the students involved in STAND (even myself) had elements of the “White Savior Industrial Complex,” getting involved to feel a little better about our own lives. Indeed, after my STAND experience, I became hyper local, founding a non profit organization that exists to empower young Americans to be active democratic participants through a school based action civics curriculum.. canada goose outlet online

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canada goose outlet jackets The testimony of ambassador Qazi before a Senate subcommittee suggests that the leaked draft was one that had been written with the intent of making it the consensual report.The commission primary responsibility was to determine why OBL presence in Pakistan was not detected for six long years and how the Americans were able to carry out a canada goose outlet london uk military operation in the heart of Pakistan without us finding out till after they had left.While the commentary in the leaked report conclusively decimates any lingering suspicion of competence that might have been attributable to the DG ISI or the air chief, among others, it concludes that there is no point naming names (as knows the identity of those responsible), and we should focus instead on making amends. Notwithstanding the caustic commentary, that the khaki leadership didn think that a report that neither names names canada goose outlet england affixing blame nor focuses on the history of state agencies nurturing non state militant actors is in fact a free pass, one wonders with dread what the majority report might say.Question: where does the buck stop in Pakistan? Answer: It doesn Only in extraordinary circumstances such as a GHQ attack or an OBL operation is it ever tossed up, only be to be kicked down quickly into canada goose outlet niagara falls a bottomless pit. One waits with bated breath to discover the pearls of wisdom that General Nadeem Ahmed report would have weaved together canada goose outlet jackets.

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