While continuing to grow its online retail business has been a great revenue generator, what seems to be contributing the most to its profits is Amazon Web Services, or AWS. Started in 2006, this part of Amazon has consistently grown to capture a dominant 31% share of the cloud computing infrastructure market. To put this in perspective, its nearest competitor Microsoft has 9% of the market followed by IBM (7%), Google (4%), and Salesforce (4%).

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It doesn’t matter if you are the janitor for a major corp or an executive, If you aren’t in that top cabinet with the CEO and VP, you can forget about equality or anyone really being sympathetic to the fact that life happens. So many of these corporations expect you to be superhuman. I find this especially interesting seeing that a corporation is recognized as a “legal entity” therefore, it does have all the same rights as a human being.

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I find this especially interesting seeing that a corporation

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