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canadian goose jacket I am genuinely concerned about locker room issues. Something has been up with team chemistry for a canada goose outlet canada while, and it’s absolutely hurting our on floor play. canadian goose jacket

Of course, maybe I’m just overanalyzing and we really just have no idea how to implement perimeter defense and still need to heavily tweak our lineups. Could be both. I am very anxious about the team.

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Hopefully a bad loss and a blown lead will open up the curtains and let the Mavs fix things up. You don’t find your faults when you win you find them when you lose.

IMO I think team on court chemistry and lineup troubles, along with Barnes and Dirk being out, are our biggest non canada goose outlet eu perimeter defense problems. When the lineup clicks, we do well, but it flops when we don’t and working out that chemistry should be number one. If that gets worked out, I think DSJ and Wes will be able to go back to routine good/great games. It’s especially a huge system change for DSJ to go from tank mode and semi primary canada goose outlet usa ballhandler to a different role after just one season, so I’m not worried yet. Hope his leg/foot is fine. if not that might be concerning.

Just trying to give some optimism for a kinda crap game. On a more positive note, Luka looked good first quarter, Powell is proving why we won the Powell Trade, and Kleber is also looking super solid.

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canada goose I seen people say Kavanaugh was “overly defensive” but imagine for a minute that was you and you were innocent (not saying he is, this is purely hypothetical), would you not be emotional? Also I feel like if he were stoic people would just criticize and say he was overly rehearsed. canada goose

buy canada goose jacket I thought Kavanaugh was more moderate than some potential choices? buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose online Your 6th point isn really a fair one to make, it not like they went back and invalidated the picks made by Nixon or Clinton. Canada Goose online

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To rebut your last claim, based on the charges people speculate Trump could recieve, it makes sense to invalidate his picks, but not Nixon nor Clinton was impeached because of perjury. It was not related to his becoming of president, so there would be no reason to invalidate his justices because he lied during a completely separate trial.

Nixon faced charges for basic abuse of power, not his becoming of president. He cheap canada goose broke laws, but not one surrounding his election. There might be a bit official canada goose outlet more of a basis to get rid of his over Clinton but it is still in a different realm than the electing of justices.

buy canada goose jacket cheap However, Trump would theoretically be facing claims that his presidency was illegally assisted by outside forces. Instead of breaking laws while in the seat, he would have been committing crimes in order to get there. If canada goose outlet toronto address he is found guilty of this, it would possibly call all of his legislation and supreme court nominations into question if his election was a sham, what else was being controlled by someone else? That would make the removal of his justices more plausible. I not sure what kind of precendence there is in this realm I absolutely nowhere near an canada goose outlet new york expert on any of this but it seems like it have possibility. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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I think mine only counts as a technical stabbing, as it was my fault and an accident, but it counts under the definition.

When I was in late elementary school or early middle school, I was putting away my pencils and papers from my homework that night. I tripped on the legs of my bed and one of my pencils managed to bury itself right beside my ankle. I was actually extremely lucky given the circumstances, as it went in at a side angle, so nothing besides the top layer of skin was noticably injured.

I don remember anything but tripping and then seeing the pencil in my foot. I do remember crying my eyes out. I think it was more terror than actual pain. Didn really hurt except for when I was taking it out. Not sure why.

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canada goose clearance I guess my fall on the extremes of a slider from “too similar” to “too different”. I don really have a big NOTP (within like legal shipping and stuff. No adults and kids please), just ship dynamics I don like as canada goose outlet belgium much. canada goose clearance

The similar ships are ones where the personalities and goals are very, well, similar. TBF I see it a lot in ships like Todomomo, Kirimina, and KiriKami/SeroKami. IzuOcha borders this a bit, but it gets a pass. It feels like there a lack of dynamic or any sort canada goose parka outlet of disagreement why would 2 people who think very alike and have a similar disposition have that much to really grow off of. It a bit cliche, but you know what they say opposites attract!

Canada Goose Coats On Sale However, some characters just don have enough in common that I can see a dynamic where they actually like each canada goose uk site other. I say these are ships like IzuToga, BakuDeku, and Kacchako. Sure, their interactions can spawn a lot of the dynamic and growth that the similar ships can but if there nothing to connect them or make them even like each other, I have a hard time seeing them manage to get into a relationship let alone a plain ol friendship Canada Goose Coats On Sale.

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