I am horrible at conversation, but this set a record low for me. She didn say anything but we both knew i was a moron. I did work up the courage to apologise for my stupidity and we are still good. A survey by masturbation booth popup Guyfi found that 40% of New Yorkers rub one out on the job, while one of our polls showed that 38% of you lot do it and 13% would try it.And, at the risk of being shunned by colleagues and getting worried glances every time I now go to the toilets, I have to ask really, what is the big deal?Masturbation is healthy much healthier and, to my mind, less gross than regular smoke breaks or trips to the pub.You can’t argue wanking is gross when you’re regularly coming back from lunch or a break reeking of fags or booze.If you’re a gym fanatic who comes back from lunch dripping sweat everywhere that’s worse than wanking too, yet we all know people who actually take pride in that.Is it inappropriate?You may just feel there’s a time and a place, and the work place is very definitely not a place for anything sex related.Well I’m sorry to wake you from your sterile little world but, unless you work in a morgue, whether you like it or not, your colleagues are all ranking each other out of ten and have a mental top three.Your colleagues are sexting people they met on Bumble last night on their lunch breaks.They’re WhatsApping pictures of their bits to their husbands and wives to keep the spark, they’re describing in quite imaginative detail what they’re going to do to them later.In short, humans are sexual beings and if this wasn’t the case this world would be a very sad, dull and dry place. Some people get to it right after. Some meet up and go to a hotel in their lunch break.If, for you, sex should only happen quietly and sensibly in the confines of a bedroom that’s fair enough everyone has their preferences.But if, like me, you’ve got a kind of mental bucket list of places to try sex before you die, I think it’s a bit of a shame not to try ‘workplace’ at least once.And, frankly, masturbating at work is a lot easier to coordiate than sex with someone else at work.I’ve gusset typed twice at previous workplaces.The first was during a long term long distance relationship where my then boyfriend suggested it (although framing it in this way shouldn’t make it ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than if I’d decided to do it as a single person).The second was at a place which I hated, partly because I was stressed but mostly so I could later joke to my friends that, yes, the place really was full of wankers.So, no, I don’t think it’s a big deal.

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