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Today’s interview is with Bo Burnham, who wrote and directed “Eighth Grade,” his first feature film. It’s, in part, about the generation gap created by social media. The digital gap used to be between those people who grew up before computers and smartphones and those who were digital natives.

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But, you might argue, Diablo 3 and SC2 are fundamentally different games. After all, multiplayer matches in SC2 always take place against or with other people. In Diablo 3, you can start a private game that is effectively a single player game because you’ve given it a password.

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Villages in Varanasi district claimed in a news report published by that they had been facing water shortages since 1999 when Coke plant began operations. There have also been allegations of pesticides in Coke and Pepsi in India. Owing to such malpractices one of the bottling plants of the Coca Cola Company had to shut down in 2014..

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