“The first symptoms of Vietnam combat reaction are either insomnia, anorexia or both, later progressing to a full blown syndrome which typically. Includes: insomnia; recurrent terrifying nightmares, which are usually a reliving of a severe psychic trauma (friends and fellow combatants severely injured, mutilated, or killed, the subject himself wounded close to a vital organ, or perhaps his unit overrun by enemy with few survivors); anorexia progressing to nausea; vomiting (precipitated by enemy contact or explosions) and sometimes even watery diarrhea; depression, including guilt over not having saved his buddy’s life or perhaps not having grieved enough for him, as buy real jordans cheap well as shame for having broken down when others in his unit maintained emotional control; and, most prominent, severe anxiety with tremulousness, to such a degree as to make the soldier ineffective in combat. However, approximately 830,000 male and female Vietnam theater where to buy cheap jordan shoes online Veterans (26% of veterans) had symptoms and related functional impairment associated with PTSD. However, the lack of effective mental health veterans after Vietnam lead to an epidemic of mental health issues, including alcohol and drug abuse and dependence, generalized anxiety disorder, and antisocial personality disorder..

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Includes: insomnia; recurrent terrifying nightmares

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