Sixty two percent of drug offenders sent to state prison are black. An African American is 13 times more likely to get a prison sentence for drugs than will a white man facing the same charges. Police target the drug trade in the Black community while often turning a blind eye to the trade in the white suburbs..

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Women don get this. They get to be shitty people and no one corrects them because everyone wants to fuck them. Then you grow up as a boy and realize that you need to support yourself because literally no one else will. Presumably,Mueller would have stayed in this lucrative position until retirement. But after Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey and later said he hoped it would help end the Russia probe, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had little choice but to appoint a special counsel to head the investigation. Under immense pressure to choose someone members of both parties would find credible, he chose Mueller..

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Is eyeing the chair of the prime minister. She has a high chance of clinching all of Bengal 42 Lok Sabha seats and that number, even a few less, can make her party crucial to the formation of the new government. She will invest more time in national political in the run up to the Lok Sabha elections and Abhishek will be the key campaigner in Bengal, he said..

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