I mean I feel like these things are done to make the film and story seem more real. In this case it made sense. Tom Cruises motivation wasn to save the world, or be a super badass. Save the Reputation: It is important for employers and managers to save the reputation of the organization. While terminating an employee, create a bridge to the future. Employees can be sources of business in the future and, therefore, must leave the organization with dignity intact.

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Explain they should not respond to or talk with strangers especially in emails, chat rooms, and text messaging. Emphasize how little innocent bits of information (teacher’s name, town, text messaging with a phone) over a period of time can provide enough information for a stranger to locate your family. Face to face meetings with persons met online should not be allowed for any minor unless you personally arrange and are at the meeting in a very public location.

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It might have a more even fit

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