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Battles that by then have been won or lost, or fought to a draw, and there’s enough time to gauge their impact and the president’s effectiveness. In Trump’s case, it won’t matter. His first thousand days will be like his first hundred, the worst presidency ever.

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The jockeying for the top spot has been ferocious with one time front runner Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison the early betting favorite. He has Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and every progressive behind him. He has their loud warnings that if the Democrats continue to be the centrist, compromising, top heavy corporate backed and run party, it can kiss millions of progressive voter’s good bye again.

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Many human games are basically ritualised tidying up. Snooker, or pool if you are non British, is a good example. The first person makes a mess (the break) and then the players take turns in potting the balls into the pockets, in a vary particular order.

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” Laspe died in October of 1994; the baby Jesus was delivered

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