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canada goose factory sale White circles show 2 bullish patterns, co insides with some of ETh trader assuming we are now in bull market. They have similarities in shape and both imho are firmly in a bear trend. SO what happens to bullish patterns in a bear trend? Well they are way less reliable in terms of bullishness fo sho. canada goose factory sale

buy canada goose jacket Current pattern showing good rebound from 618 canada goose outlet in montreal (I missed out buying by $2). Now hovering in between 382 and 236, so not good imho. Lower highs, rejection from 236, volume abysmal, no divergence from oscillators to suggest a boom to 220 or back into and beyond long term wedge. buy canada goose jacket

SO I think the first white circle repeats, which would double bottom canada goose outlet us at 167 175ish with another quick rebound to 190 area I guess due to fibs. The measured move from latest parallel channel is $45 (the height of the channel) so if bearish that would mean 160. So kind of corroborates with 167 as absolute low, probably wicking down and canada goose jacket outlet uk quickly back up.

canada goose store Im still waiting in fiat and no reason not to expect lower. BTC says similar things, if not a bit more bearish than ETH. I have put in buy orders at 170 to see if I get lucky. I cant see us sinking to 150 unless BTC farts to 5.8 5.9. It seems like sideways action between 190 and 210 for me for next few weeks, with opportunities to scoop lower prices. canada goose store

uk canada goose outlet There ya go. I think anyone who thinks canada goose discount uk we are in a bull trend should at least consider the first white circle and what happened there and not least because ETH is struggling to hold 210 with lower highs evident on the chart. 18th July we were 500 and 5 weeks ago 400. I don see this retrace as a bull flag as its too long in time for that. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose uk shop Time to redraw a longer term chart on daily and see whats happening and will post it shortly. canada goose uk shop

ps apologies for my drunken post last night.

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canada goose uk black friday Thanks for canada goose sale uk this. I can see it going to around $180, but cannot see going as low as $150. In these up and downs it’s “easy” to increase your stack. But you need a plan and no FOMO. To be all in cash is too risky imo. I would bite off my left index finger if missing a big run, think a hybrid is sensible. canada goose uk black friday

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Can see many are saying we are in for a bear market canada goose jacket outlet store for 1 2 yrs. What the hell. How can you even say that with any conviction? Guess I would have the same burden of proof, but c’mon. There are more things on the board now than ever, maybe even canada goose premium outlet combined in history of crypto. We are not late to the party, we are the aperitif Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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You leave a portion used for trading on a wallet for months (as per OP stated)? Sounds foolish. A hardware wallet is transferable in minutes. I like how you avoid admitting the OP is at fault. Easier just to blame someone else than take personal responsibility.

I am not answering questions I don know the answer to. I like how you embellish how wallet recommendations automatically equals everything on their website can be trusted. Nice jump there, buddy. 4 points submitted 2 months ago

Here is a business idea if you are good at predictions. First of all make predictions on a prediction market(eg augur) until the public can see proof that you are a good predictor according to the prediction market. A prediction market would be the best way to measure your skill in prediction.

Then once you become reputable, sell your predictions privately on the blockchain, and make it public after the transaction is done and the event has come true, so people can privately pay you for your insider knowledge on the world and it would be shown to the public to add to your provable prediction history, that way you still accountable. You could even attach oracles to the system so you would only be paid if the prediction came true.

Truth is that it more of a range. With Warren Buffet types being on one side of the range and pure gamblers being on the other end of the range.

In the middle you have Poker players who “invest” in the hand they have been dealt; and they make their investments based on their belief that they have a fundamentally good hand. They also play many hands and take risks that are far more than what Warren would, but far less than what a pure gambler would.

canada goose You see what I saying? (sorry, this is the analogy I have for all of it in my head, lol) At it essence, gamblers are investors, investors are gamblers and both of them are traders. The way they use their data to make decisions is what makes them one or the other. For example, Warren Buffet may have picked a stock for XYZ reasons. But Timothy Mc may have picked it by throwing a dice. canada goose

Canada Goose online It clear by now you simply retarded. Just downvoted you and moving along, no point wasting my time explaining you again. For anyone else reading the thread: SEC can delay an ETF past what people call “final deadline”. The whole canada goose outlet las vegas procedure is legal and explained into their documents. it also happened before so it canada goose jacket outlet toronto not just theoretical. If you are as retarded as the previous guy canada goose outlet vip is, you won reserach further what I just wrote. Otherwise, just google for it and also the very few posts on reddit where other users raised questions about how how such a thing was possible ( delaying it past the “final deadline” which is not final at all ) Canada Goose online.

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