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They will automatically be billed to your account once on board. The website of your cruise line will have the suggested tipping guidelines. You can adjust these depending on the service you receive during your cruise. Any seizure warrants medical attention. Call 911. While waiting for paramedics, make sure the person does not hurt themselves.

canada goose outlet parka Kirstie Allsopp finder of houses, maker of crafts, canada goose outlet england wearer of tea dresses is something of a girlcrush of mine. It’s a soft spot that I know to be shared by many women of my acquaintance, not least my godmother, for whom Kirstie is a deity made of glossy haired flesh and straight talking bone. So it’s, well, crushing, when Kirstie answers my first question is she comfortable being hailed as a domestic goddess? with a flat “NO”. canada goose outlet parka

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