Star Wars Battlefront II DICE Developer AMA

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Joining us from our development team are the following:

John Wasilczyk (Executive Producer) /u/WazDICE Introduction Hi I John Wasilczyk, the executive producer for Battlefront 2. I started here at DICE a few months ago and it been an adventure 🙂 I done a little bit of everything in the canada goose shop uk game industry over the last 15 years and I looking forward to growing the Battlefront community canada goose outlet location with all of you.

buy canada goose jacket Dennis Brannvall (Associate Design Director) /u/d_FireWall Introduction Hey all, My name is Dennis and I work as Design Director for Battlefront II. I hope some of you still remember me from the first Battlefront where I was working as Lead Designer on the post launch part of that game. For this game, I focused mainly on the gameplay side of things troopers, heroes, vehicles, game modes, guns, feel. I that strange guy that actually prefers the TV shows over the movies in many ways (I loooove Clone Wars Ahsoka lives!!) and I also play a lot of board games and miniature games such as X wing, Imperial Assault and Star Wars Destiny. Hopefully I able to answer your questions in a good way! buy canada goose jacket

Paul Keslin (Producer) /u/TheVestalViking Introduction Hi everyone, I Paul Keslin, one of the Multiplayer Producers over at DICE. My main responsibilities for the game revolved around the Troopers, Heroes, and some of our mounted vehicles (including the TaunTaun!). Additionally I collaborate closely with our partners at Lucasfilm to help bring the game together. Is this not a concern for the industry going forward?

Canada Goose online What exactly prompted you to take Battlefront II on a path that was inevitably going to be slammed as a “pay to win” experience, did you not feel it was particularly insulting canada goose outlet london to try and make so much money from this game after the first Battlefront was admittedly rushed and incomplete? Canada Goose online

canada goose uk outlet They say games are too expensive to make and that’s why they need season passes, DLC, deluxe editions, microtransactions, and loot boxes (to say nothing of merchandise, tax breaks, and sponsorship deals). Can you honestly tell me that a Star Wars game was too expensive to make? That you couldn’t have made a Star Wars game, as in a game about Star Wars, and that it would not conceivably sell enough to make its money back without all these additional monetization strategies? Should you be in this business canada goose outlet uk if you cannot affordably conduct business?Calling it right now, every answer will be either a legitimate answer to easier questions, a vague “looking at data, change is constant”, or something about player choice. canada goose uk outlet

cheap Canada Goose Even in the first one they say they have a problem with people exploiting the multiplayer, okay. But what about the ones tossing hundreds of dollars at the game canada goose outlet buffalo and getting all the best star cards and equipment? How is that any different? They are limitng people who want to earn it outside canada goose jacket outlet store of multiplayer, but it all good if you want to destroy any balance by tossing a couple hundred. cheap Canada Goose

Edit: canada goose outlet edmonton THEY DID IT! Checked all the boxes. Player choice, looking at data, and easy answers. This damn comment right here.

As a software developer, I can only imagine how it would feel to be a developer who worked so hard on this game. You spend the better part of your days and nights, for years working really hard on a game you put a lot of sweat and tears into; and you working on an IP you really love. You work overtime to meet deadlines, sacrifice your social life and other aspects to keep the train moving; and after all the bug fixes, and months of ironing it out, it a technical beauty. and you and the teams who worked on it pat yourself on the back,

Only to have it hit the market, have some decision someone else made make your game an outrage in the gaming community. Ridiculed by hundreds of thousands canada goose outlet belgium of people.

canada goose clearance sale I feel bad EA shit on their hard work. the game LOOKS great (I haven played it, for obvious reasons), and I sure it plays great. canada goose clearance sale

A roofer overhears the conversation and says he turned down a job that paid well but the client was a known gangster.

“You know, any contractor willing to work on that Death Star knew the risks. If they were killed, it was their own fault. A roofer listens to this. (taps his heart) not his wallet.”

Same could be said for your software dev who got his feelings hurt, canada goose outlet store new york but still got paid, and will live to program another day.

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