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canada goose uk shop Planes are sprayed before leaving some countries (Image: Birmingham Mail)Get daily canada goose outlet store montreal updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeRoy Fitzgerald, 64, from Salford, was waiting for his Jet2 plane to depart from Funchal in Madeira on Friday, September 21, when an announcement was made that the cabin was going to be sprayed with insecticide.The passengers were told to close their eyes as the flight attendant marched up and down spritzing the air at random interludes.He said: “When we goose outlet canada were ready to depart, they just announced over the tannoy that they canada goose outlet london were going to spray insecticide. I have been on loads of flights canada goose outlet and it’s never happened before. This flight attendant came round with a spray in each hand. canada goose uk shop

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