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After keeping mum on the lynching incident, the state machinery eventually responded. As the police inquiry reports go, the two Muslim youth were “innocent”, in that they had nothing to do with the church attacks. One of them, identified as Muhammad Naeem, is said to have some association with the Tableeghi Jamaat, a hardline party propagating Deobandi Islam..

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But he had a great sense of the absurd and laughed heartily when some of us called up and pulled canada goose visit parka outlet uk his leg about the latest tale about his unbecoming behaviour we had heard.There were no hidden areas in his life. He drank expensive whiskey regularly with his courtiers, enjoyed the company of women, flirting publically and saying politically incorrect things. He liked to be well groomed and preferred to wear western clothes, posing often for photos lighting or smoking a pipe ( interestingly his friend Mohan Rakesh too smoked cigars with a similar flourish).

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