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goyard handbags cheap Coronation Street’s Ben Price reveals odd reason why Nick always wears a suitActor Ben Price also opened up about what was next for his devious character after stealing Audrey Roberts’ 80k savingsGet soaps updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailEver since Nick Tilsley has returned to Coronation Street he has seemed a bit different and, after it was revealed that he stole Audrey Roberts’ savings, it is clear that his dark side is becoming much more prevalent.But one thing has remained consistent his suits.Opening up about why his character Nick always wears them, actor Ben Price said: “On the street he likes to think he towers above people a bit, he has a superiority complex, he would never work in the garage for example.”He looks down a little bit on some of the residents, you need a character like that. That is why for me I am always so insistent he is in a suit so it seperates Nick from other characters and gives him that air of superiority.Coronation Street ‘villain’ Nick Tilsley’s dark plan ‘revealed’ after stealing Audrey’s cash”He thinks he might have grown up on the same street as the other people but he is the one that got away and made good and now he has to maintain that even if it is not actually the truth.”Ben also teased Nick’s plans for the money and his big feud with brother David Platt.Opening up about whether he felt that stealing the money had shown a different side to Nick, Ben said: “I don’t think he sees it as stealing the money, I think he genuinely believes he is going to give it back.”He has got himself into a bit of deep water with his ex wife, the new relationship with Leanne, the factory, he always needs a business so the money is what will sort all of this out. It was a business opportunity for him.”Coronation Street spoilers: Duncan’s wife is revealed but will Tim murder him?Ben revealed that Nick had thoroughly planned out stealing the money and said that his dark side had evolved after being “messed around” by various people and is trying to “take control”.”He always planned to put the blame on Lewis and somehow get it back to her,” Ben said goyard handbags cheap.

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