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canada goose clearance IPL Spot fixingFrom the Srinivasan camp, nominees for the five vice presidents are C K Khanna (North), Ganga Raju (South), Goutam Roy (East), T C Mathews (West), canada goose uk sale asos while the Central zone nominee has not been decided yet.Maratha strongman Pawar, who was projected as possible canada goose outlet candidate for the president’s post, flew into Chennai on Friday and was closeted in a meeting with his supporters. Former BCCI president Shashank Manohar also arrived in the city for the AGM.The candidates for the vice president’s posts from the Pawar camp are Jyotiraditya Scindia, Ravi Sawant and M P Pandove.Dalmiya’s elevation to the position has been necessitated by Srinivasan being forced to stay away from the election owing to a Supreme Court directive. Srinivasan can only vote during the polls as a member of the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association.In fact, the AGM itself has been delayed for a while now owing to legal battle that Srinivasan is fighting in the canada goose montebello uk Supreme Court.The apex court is currently hearing the Indian Premier League spot fixing scandal in which conflict of interest with regards Srinivasan’s position as the BCCI president and IPL team owner has come in for sharp criticism canada goose clearance.

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