The aftermarket for motorcycle exhausts is huge, even for the sportbike niche. The cruiser, touring and dirt bike riders far out number us. One has to be hard core, a little weird or just a little crazy to ride sportbikes over the long hall. We tend to think of Europe as a Northern monolith filled with blonde, white people. But the reality is more complex. Southern Europe almost touches Africa.

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At the time, CBS was the big name in news, while NBC had only recently stopped making Lorne Greene shout the headlines from horseback while filming Bonanza. NBC was keen to beat their rivals by getting real footage of a badass escape. None of that “dramatic recreation” crap..

Apricot kernel oil comes from the fruit of the apricot tree, a small tree about 8 12 m tall. Turkey is the largest leading apricot producer in the world followed by Iran and Uzbekistan. In the US, apricots are grown in California, Washington, and Utah.

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