Wake up Them gor Suhur Tell Them to Eat Sehri Offer the Fajr Prayer with Parents Recite the Holy Quran with Parents Recite the Darood e Pak Offer the Dhur and Asr Prayers Preparation for Iftar and Offer the Mghrib Salah Offer the Esha Prayer and Tarawih Salah If they agree then take them with you for I These are some important things to do that your kids must do rehearsal for upcoming Ramadan season. May Allah the Almighty accept our upright and virtuous deeds. Ameen!.

For the most part, if you could find the book in a library, there was a quiz for it).At the end of the year the school tallied up our points and we got awards for whoever read the most. In elementary school I was 1 and in middle school I was 2, and this was in the suburbs of Houston so there was quite a few kids to “compete” against.In high school I found myself losing interest not because I disliked reading, but because of the books that we had to read because of the curriculum. That not to say Fake Handbags I disliked every book we had to read, but by senior year I had little interest in most of them.

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