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best hermes replica handbags Manager’s delight as Cambridge City Ladies knock Cambridge United Women out of Women’s FA CupThere was an upset in Sunday’s big women’s football derbyIt doesn’t get much better than beating your local rivals in the FA Cup but Cambridge City Ladies’ manager Tim Rapley admitted that he couldn’t take his side leaving it so late every week.The Lilywhites forced the game into extra time with almost the last kick of the game, before scoring the goal that proved to be the winner just two minutes after the restart through a Laura Mills wonderstrike.And Rapley hopes that the bumper crowd at Trinity College Old Field enjoyed the dramatic encounter.Cambridge rivals prepare to do battle in Women’s FA Cup clash”I think if you can guarantee winning matches like that every week then you’d definitely do it, although I think I’d prefer it to be a bit easier!” he said.”I was really hopeful there would be a replica hermes jewelry and watches good crowd and it would give everyone an opportunity to show how good both Cambridge City and United are at what we do, that was really important.”Everyone who came created a really good atmosphere and it was a thoroughly entertaining watch although probably more for replica hermes h belt us than high replica bags United in fairness.”We deserved cup win, says Cambridge City Ladies managerIt was a case of what might have been for the United though, with the U’s minutes away from securing a spot in the second round after Jade Bell gave the U’s the lead with more than 70 minutes on the clock in a tight affair.However, as time was running out, a long ball into the area was smashed home by the Lilywhites’ hermes diamond belt replica Bella Simmons.And there was a hint of controversy around their winner too, with many questioning the hermes shoes replica india decision to award them the throw in which led to Mills finding the back of the net with a spectacular goal two minutes into extra time.’We’ll be giving everyone a fresh start’ Cambridge United Women’s assistant looks ahead to the new season”We’re really disappointed with our own performance though as the only real times they troubled us were from set pieces.”He continued: “It wasn’t a game of loads of chances but both keepers made crucial saves. We’ll look at it and what we could’ve done a bit better. That’s football, but all FA Cup matches are important so it’s disappointing. best hermes replica handbags

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