Peut une semaine, un mois, deux mois ou une saison. Le plus dur est de le r J’ai appris constant en observant Patrick Roy pendant plusieurs ann Il comme il n’avait jamais de mauvaises saisons. C’est un peu comme que je voyais ma carri. 3 points submitted 22 hours agoIn terms of complexity, Monsters Minions is one of the few expansions I will include with new players. If you know Lords of Waterdeep, I think it comparable to Scoundrels of Skullport.If you have a problem with randomness, Monsters Minions does add roll to resolve combat against the monsters. In its defense, you can spend resources to buy rerolls and extra dice, but I can sympathize if you have issues putting output randomness into what is otherwise an input randomness resource management game.However you like your dice, I think the great virtue of the expansion enemies is that they give you something cool to do when you don like anything in the marketplace.

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