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replica handbags online A slogan reading FreeTommy has been sprayed onto the rear of a road sign on the replica bags uk A10 near Waterbeach (Image: Keith Jones)Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee click here to read our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailGraffiti scrawled on a road sign in Cambridgeshire appears to show support for English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson.The FreeTommy message is daubed on the back of the large sign on the A10 near Waterbeach.Robinson, who is suing Cambridgeshire Constabulary, was jailed last month after being found in contempt of court.A march in support of Robinson, branded a fascist gathering by anti racism campaigners, is being organised on July 21 at Parker’s Piece in Cambridge city centre.It is not known who added the graffiti to the road sign or when it first appeared.(Image: Keith Jones)A counter protest on July 21 has already been organised by replica bags south africa Cambridge’s ‘Stand up to Racism’ group who say the march supporting Robinson will bring racism to Cambridge.EDL founder Tommy Robinson in confrontation outside Cambridge courtA spokesperson for Cambridge Stand up to Racism said: “Supporters of Fascist English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson have said they will march in Cambridge on Saturday July 21. Using the replica bags chicago smoke screen of ‘defending free speech’, they are trying to rebuild a far right street movement in Britain.”The group highlighted other ‘Free Tommy’ marches, such as the one in London on June 9, where protesters clashed with police and counter protestors.Tommy Robinson supporters are planning a march in CambridgeThe spokesperson added: “These people are not interested in free speech, but want to silence those they disagree with. They have a record of violence towards minorities, particularly Muslims; wherever they go, division, violence and racism follow.”There is no place in Cambridge’s proudly diverse, multicultural and multi faith community for the sort of racism espoused by Robinson and many of replica bags karachi his supporters. replica handbags online

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Similarly, if you fell and broke your leg after a black cat

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