This is why our culture has evolved to hide womens breasts and not mens. Because womens breasts are so exciting they caused drama and distractions and jelousy. Nobody gave a fuck about mens breasts.. Offense needs to be held accountable. Run block better. Pass block better.

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Wasn’t even talking about the expense of the cards in legacy. Was talking about the power level of the cards. Imagine a new player loading up the game for the first time and getting killed by charbelcher or storm combo, or getting rolled by affinity or zoo.

The whole situation makes me kind of sick to be honest. I shared a room/table with this woman up until a month ago. I switched to another room after we didn see eye to eye on alot of things. I got my model 3 a few weeks ago, and live in MA where it’s pretty much been in the 40s or lower for the past month (with a few outliers). Had similar experience at Superchargers on my first few attempts. Warm battery) and my range was about 15%.

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