Manchester City v Stoke City live


17:07: Carlos Tevez holds the cup aloft, Stoke’s players watch from dejected seated positions on the pitch. A heroic number of Stoke’s fans are still in the ground, sportingly applauding their opponents. How charming.

That seems like as good a place to leave canada goose parka outlet it as any. Well done Stoke’s fans. Well done Mario Balotelli. And well done Manchester City. May all of your trophy wins be this enjoyable. Please don’t spoil football for everyone for the next 10 years by winning everything. Thanks.

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17:05: Twitter is ablaze (digitally) with claims that Micah Richards said an even ruder word than Balotelli moments before. That passed me by, I must say. There’s something delightful about the players’ obvious excitement at winning this.

17:04: Almost all of Stoke’s fans have stayed in the stadium to watch their team receive runners up medals. That is bloody marvellous. Can I say that?

17:01: An ITV canada goose outlet ontario reporter asks Mario Balotelli if that was the best game he’s ever played for City. “Hmmm,” he replies. There’s trouble canada goose outlet toronto brewing here, you can sense it. “All this season, I’ve been s. Can I say that?” No, you can’t Mario. But I’m very glad that you did.

canadian goose jacket 17:00: An extremely excited Micah Richards says the word “unbelievable” or a variant thereof approximately 400 times in a 30 second interview. canadian goose jacket

canada goose black friday sale 16:56: I’m not sure I entirely agree with Henry Winter that the goal was “totally deserved” for City. Stoke had manfully hauled themselves back canada goose outlet parka into the game, and before the goal it was anyone’s guess where the game was heading. Nevertheless City went for it today, something they’ve not done very often this season, and Mario Balotelli especially was a joy to watch. City are gallivanting around the pitch. Tony Pulis holds his chin self consciously. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose clearance sale FULL TIME: Manchester City win the FA Cup! canada goose clearance sale

cheap Canada Goose 90+4 min: Shawcross heads it wide. cheap Canada Goose

90+3 min: De Jong heads the initial delivery clear but Stoke keep the pressure on and win another corner. Sorensen is still in the box.

90+2 min: Penannt wins a corner for Stoke against the odds. Sorensen is coming up! Vieira is coming on for Silva.

canada goose coats 90+1 min: We’re going to have three more minutes of the 2010/11 FA Cup at the very least. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Parka 90 min: Balotelli wins a corner with a defelected shot at the end of a prolonged period of City possession. Canada Goose Parka

88 min: Carlos Tevez is coming off. I’d be calling that his final appearance for City if they didn’t still have two league games left. Zabaleta is on.

86 min: Lovely skill from Balotelli who nonchalantly skips into the box after a couple of tricks take him canada goose outlet usa past two Stoke defenders. Silva is tackled before he can shoot. A Stoke goal looks a distant dream at the moment, and City are playing with more freedom than you might expect from a team that hasn’t won this trophy since The Beatles were still together.

83 min: City corner. Played short, Tevez scraps canada goose outlet trillium parka black to keep the ball in the corner before Pennant takes it from him. I’m fully expecting City to deploy their horrendously excellent game stifling plan for the final seven minutes.

81 min: Delap’s off, John Carew is on. I had entirely forgotten about John Carew’s loan move to Stoke. Jack Holt has a quip: “It’s all going to pot (terries). Groan.” Arni Highfield has gone into alliteration overdrive: “Pathetic passing performance, particularly Pennant, pains people. Please provide practical prowess Pulis.”

80 min: Johnson pokes it back from the byline to Silva. His canada goose outlet factory shot is blocked by Whitehead. City operating ruthlessly in and around the box now.

78 min: Balotelli’s cross is well over the head of Silva in the middle. Big gaps appearing in the Stoke defence cheap canada goose now. Henry Winter sums things up: “Yaya time, Poznan time, City’s time. Great finish from Yaya Toure, utterly brutal, totally deserved for mcfc.”

77 min: Before I get a flurry of indignant emails, the below update was written with my tongue placed resolutely in my cheek.

76 min: Some City fans aren’t even watching the game! They’re jumping up and down with their backs to the action! How disrespectful is that? The Cup has truly lost all value.

75 min: GOAL!! Manchester City 1 Stoke 0 (Toure)

A goalmouth scramble develops after Balotelli and Silva combine artfully to get into the box. Tevez’s blocked shot falls invitingly for Toure and he slams it emphatically into the deep Wembley net.

73 min: Richards pings a ball to no one in particular out left. It goes for a thow. Both sides are looking tired. Adam Johnson is on for Barry, which you’d hope would be a good thing.

70 min: It’s passed useleslly into the one man wall by Pennant. Awful.

Canada Goose online 69 min: I neglected to mention a sub: Etherington came off for Stoke, Whitehad is on. The game has degenerated into a formless mess in the last few minutes. Stoke have a free kick some canada goose shop uk way from goal. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Coats On Sale 64 min: Another Delap long throw comes to nothing, and Shawcross’ optimistic volley flashes wide shortly afterwards. Stoke have got themselves right back into this, playing a little bit higher up the pitch, keeping the ball better than they did canada goose outlet store calgary in the first half and throwing more forward to win the second balls in front of City’s defence. Jack Holt says: “It’s raining in Manchester and my heart. Come on!” Canada Goose Coats On Sale.

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