They make some of the best in class products (1000x NC headphones, Mirrorless cameras, Bravia TVs etc) but I have never seen an advertisement for any of these products. They were ahead of the curve with so many things like waterproof phones but people only started caring about waterproof phones when Samsung and/or Apple included the feature.It just fucking stupid that they can make good phones or check my blog market them considering they have all the necessary resources at their disposal.Edit: Also, wtf happened to the Z series tablets? The Z3 tablet was simply the best tablet at one point and then the product line fizzled out. They should fire the idiot who manages their mobile division.Edit 2: If you want to see how abysmal Sony marketing is, just go to YouTube and search for reviews of a Sony phone, the only ones you find will be that of the Z5, mostly because of its 4k screen, and that Z1 or prior smartphones.Edit 3: Continuing my rant here, I admittedly a bit of a Sony fanboy and I quite invested in Sony products.

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