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This was a simple hit and run job made infinitely easier by the fact that the Emperor chose to park his whole goddamn navy on the “far side” of Endor as part of his brilliant trap that got him and everyone he knew killed. This meant no TIE fighters, Star Destroyers or even probe droids to stand between the Rebels and the Death Star. They canada goose outlet winnipeg address could not have bribed their way into better conditions.

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canada goose outlet uk sale No. 7 Arkansas. That Oklahoma win canada goose sale uk doesn’t seem as impressive as it once did, since there are high school teams out there claiming victories over the Sooners now. All humans are drawn to what we know and what makes us feel comfortable; this is an unconscious process which, if you’re been well cared for and loved in childhood, facilitates your finding people who confirm your sense of yourself, the way relationships work, and what love looks like. Alas, that’s equally true for those whose working models of relationships are more negative than positive; we too will be drawn to those who make us feel the way we’re used to feeling and who confirm our sense of how relationships work. Mind you, this happens on an unconscious and unarticulated level; as I’ve written before, we seek out comfort zones which, alas, canada goose outlet new york provide no comfort canada goose outlet uk sale.

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