With growing file sizes and transfer speed such an important part of computing, the platter must spin extremely fast. Most drives today are considered “high speed” and reach average speeds of 4800 to 7200 rotations per minute. The more rotations per minute, the faster the drive, meaning less time reading and writing data.

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For job hunters who are seeking specialization, there are “Clinical Manager” and “Health Information Manager” careers. It is clear that no matter what it says under the job title of the job description the successful candidate must have a very strong business background. The other obvious requirement is an understanding of the general health care field and the specialized area of practice where the candidate wishes to put skills and education to work..

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Other measures to help preserve the remaining whales including a 1994 act by the IWC to establish The Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Several countries quit the whaling business and banned whaling in their waters in the later part of the 20th century including the UK and the US. However, the spirit of cooperation in seen in the early days of the IWC would soon fall away and while the future of the IWC is in some debate today, the fragile balance of life in the ocean is hanging by a thread.

The photographer then visualizes what zones the other elements

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