21 points submitted 3 hours agoit a good column by Carra tbf, and he makes his argument well, he not going to another top 6 PL club, either Real or Barca, Bayern, Juve and PSG seems unlikely so where does he go next?Carra actually defends Mourinho on Pogba and Martial and says they need to take responsibility, and this is pretty savage on Pogba:Mourinho once told me after losing his job at Chelsea how he could see how management was evolving, players no longer receptive or tolerant to criticism even behind closed doors. Power has eroded even for the most formidable of managers.It may offer a clue as to the problem he has now, in a dressing room with an ego the size of Paul Pogba’s, who like so many modern players (see Yaya Toure when he was at Manchester City) embarrassingly seems more interested in being loyal to his agent than the club he captains. We know what Ferguson would do.

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The pictures OP posted seem far too heavily scuffed

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