and the Demiurge

canada goose coats What Are We?Did you ever asked yourself what you are, instead of who you are? canada goose coats

In which way are we different than any other living organism? We have two chromosomes less than a potato, and two more than a dolphin. Genetics determines everything, isn’t it?

We can speak, as well as dolphins as recently proven by using Zipf’s Law. Can a potato speak? I don’t know. Many people believe they can talk to plants.

canada goose uk outlet I think most of us will say: I am a Human being. canada goose uk outlet

But labelling yourself as a Human being still doesn’t explain a lot about yourself. Or does it? Labels are meant to differentiate things, and to order things. Yet, canada goose jacket outlet toronto labels explain nothing. Maybe is just I am the only solution to this question.

canada goose clearance What if both sides, religion and science, are right? That we are a product of evolution and creation? canada goose clearance

Too Many MysteriesWould you canada goose outlet in new york believe our ancestors were once created through genetic engineering by an extraterrestrial species, the canada goose outlet in toronto Anunnaki? The gods, the extraterrestrials, who descended from the sky? That would explain a lot:

Why we never found the Missing Links between Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens canada goose outlet orlando (that’s us). canada goose outlet london uk The number of difference between the two species is estimated at a whopping 1,650,000. That are about 4 (harmless) mutations per year! How the hell does this kind of evolution work?

Why so many people still believe they were created by God. Can so many people even be wrong?

All the unexplained ancient structures and sites around the world like Giza, Tiwanaku, Teotihuacan, Gbekli Tepe. Thousands of them. Everywhere.

The Nazca lines. Produced with primitive sticks and stones? Tell that to your mother.

buy canada goose jacket The unliftable stones of Baalbek, Russia (Mount Shoria), Stonehenge, Carnac, Eastern Island, Yonaguni, etcetera. All around the world. buy canada goose jacket

What about the underground city of Derinkuyu in Turkey? It could inhabit more than 20,000 people. Who canada goose stockists uk built it? And Why?

canadian goose jacket How do we explain the Kailasa Temple in India? This temple has been cut completely out of solid rock, and that includes all the little details as statues. How was it done? canadian goose jacket

When there are too many mysteries left unexplained there is something wrong with the ruling theories.

Giant Megaliths of Mount Shoria in Russia

Huge 3,000 tons weighing megalithic blocks were recently discovered in Southern Siberia at mount Shoria. canada goose outlet online reviews It defies any reasonable explanation. Source

Canada Goose sale Do We Like to Manipulate Because We Are Manipulated?What if there is no Missing Link? What if we are really created by genetic engineering? And the rest of the animals around us are the product of evolution? So, both. Scientists don’t like that. Neither do creationists. Both want mono theories only, which is caused by a dualistic nature: “I am right, and you are wrong.” Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Scientific theories are constantly overthrown by new ones, for it is incomplete by nature. That counts for Abrahamism too. They believe in the same God, but are still fighting eachother. Fighting for an illusion, while scientists are probing an illusion. Both doing the same thing seemingly differently. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose uk shop What happens when slaves know the truth? They will revolt. canada goose uk shop

We as a slave species are constantly fed with lies, covered with a sauce of cheap canada goose jacket ‘scientific’ or ‘religious’ rubbish. We buy it. That is because we have a slave gene implanted, that whispers to us constantly from deep below: “Yes sir, yes sir. Immediately sir. Everything you say is true, sir. Thank you, sir.”

That explains also why most of us are so easy to manipulate, because we’ve got slave genes implanted. The slave gene is somewhere brought in, in the junk part. It also explains why we like to modify organisms ourselves (GMO). It is similar as abused people who may become abusers themselves.

Were Neanderthals Too Stubborn?Neanderthals were probably the last naturally evolved humanoid inhabitants of the earth, who were genetically mixed with the genes of our creator, the Anunnaki, the Demiurge.

It is written in the ancient Sumerian tablets. It seems to be no myth at all. The Sumerian tablets spoke about planet Nine, that appears to be as real as the other planets. So, these tablets contain more truth than we like to believe.

Just look at us. In what way are we adapted to raw nature? Naked and pink, like domesticated canada goose outlet mississauga pigs. The evidence we weren’t naturally evolved is all over us.

That would make us a hybrid, with traits of two different species. Neanderthals were strong, intelligent, and adapted, but probably stubborn. A bad trait for a slave. We still have about 20 to 25 percent Neanderthal genes in our DNA. Where did this other 75 percent of genes, the so called ‘junk’ DNA, come from?

The extinction of the Neanderthals is still a mystery. That’s a fact. Were Neanderthals exterminated when their gene pool duty was done?

What are we doing with the natural species of the earth? We are wiping them out. Systematically. Like father, like son. What if we are created as slaves and we even deny that? Would that make us even better slaves, wouldn’t it?

Canada Goose Online Sources Other Then the BibleWhat about the discovery of the Nag Hammadi Codex in 1945 in the Egyptian desert? How does this discovery add up to the Sumerian tablets? Both sources, speak independently of eachother canada goose outlet store quebec about a false creator god Canada Goose Online.

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