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“She had them all over her clothing. We’re talking over 1,000 ticks on her body,” Rainey recalled in an interview. “They were a species I had never seen before.” Rainey’s assistant provided a change of clothes for the woman and health officials put her pants in the freezer to kill the ticks..

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At the time of her arrest, Rebecca Nurse was 71 years old. She was a pious woman and a respected member of the canada goose jacket outlet sale community. Her husband, Francis Nurse, was a prominent land owner, and involved in disputes with Thomas Putnum, father of Ann Putnum, Jr. Unfortunately, forgetting is common practice in the United States. We’re a nation stitched to flavor of the week outrage. A few heartbreaking photos, some mainstream coverage and we’re in! Needles crack off outrage meters as inaudible snaps reverberate in zeros and ones through through social media.

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