She will also need to agree with New Delhi on ways to manage separatist blowback. Repression has never worked. Only a combination of strategies can work in Kashmir: Restoration of democratic rights, quick economic dividends, a reduced military presence, an improved India Pakistan climate that inhibits separatist activism and a pushback against anti minority rhetoric in India as a whole.

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11. The next development allegedly taking place in this case was that Qari Muhammad Salaam complainant (PW1) was canada goose outlet uk sale informed about the incident but canada goose jacket outlet sale the evidence brought on the record about that development was also not free from doubt. In the FIR lodged by him the complainant had stated that Mafia Bibi (PW2), Asma Bibi (PW3), Yasmin Bibi and some others had informed him and other people of the village about the incident but in the FIR he had not divulged as to when he was informed about the incident.

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