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canada goose uk outlet The players were driving a soviet tank through Siberia on canada goose factory outlet the way to a lost research base. They had already encountered some worrying things, like a burned out truck full of obvious signs of violence, bodies dragged off in to the snow, canada goose jacket outlet uk and a corpse hanging amidst sticky silken strands in a tree, full of strange alien eggs, but nonetheless they pressed on. One night they were parked by a frozen lake, undisturbed and silent, and all but one of them were asleep. The watchman was peering from the tank porthole above it turret, when he spots movement amidst the canada goose outlet factory trees, and ducks in to the canada goose outlet buffalo tank turret as something rushes towards them from the treeline. He grabs the porthole cover to slam it shut just as a great, purplish spike juts through the gap and lashes inwards, covered in a sticky carapace. He manages to seal it shut while canada goose outlet new york shouting for the other players to wake up, and they simply sit, silently in the tank, huddled together with guns in hand as they hear something huge slowly crawling and skittering along the canada-goose-outlet outside armour of their tank, searching for an entrance. The canada goose outlet michigan next morning, of course, the tank was covered in thick spider silk, and they had to make the rest of the journey on foot. canada goose uk outlet

canada goose coats Towards the end of a long campaign, the players had devised a way to finally cross the bridge of the void to Yuggoth (Which they needed to reach for reasons I no get in to). Each arrived separately, but rather than being met with a nightmare alien world, canada goose outlet 2015 each encountered a beautiful, flawless vista of shining colour and radiant light, where their every need was tended to by angelic, beautiful beings. Each was given a room in this palace which was projected from their own subconcious minds, attuned to their desires. Frank room was his family home, his wife and children alive and well, Roland was canada goose outlet near me a wonderful workshop with every tool he needed, etc. All of the players, in their separate encounters, drank the only sustenance that appeared to be available in the palace, a silvery liquid called ambria. All except one. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Jackets The five players who had drunk the ambria stayed in the palace for some unknowable time, their awareness gradually dulled until one day they happened upon a door they didn recognize from their usual wandering canada goose outlet legit of the palace golden halls, and inside it was dark, and cold. Light and Warmth had filled their lives ever since they had arrived, and the sudden break of that perfect existence shook them, but they entered to find the speakeasy they used to run (“The Royale”), but twisted, and dark; shattered glass across the floors, and an eerie lightning clashing outside. There, in the Darkness, was Roy, the sixth player. He demanded they stop drinking the ambria, immediately, and they left out in to the palace to meet one of their host beings, offering them a fresh goblet each, which Roy slapped out of it hands. Deprived of the ambria comforting effects, the veil on the players senses was lifted, and slowly they began to see the palace as it truly was the palace walls long since corroded and crumbling, the curtains soiled and bloody, the beautiful gardens filled with terrifying carnivorous plants and alien beings, the palace hosts a species of horrid, malformed human like grey things without faces; a nightmare palace which they then had to traverse and escape, discovering in lucidity the horrid place they had really been while high on the Mi Go numbing Ambria. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats on sale The players were a group of English academics meeting a Danish geology outpost in Greenland about a humanoid specimen they had found in the ice. Aside from a strange snowstorm and the crippling darkness of the Greenland winter, their arrival was normal enough; they were greeted by Toffen, the Danes leader, and they met the rest of the researchers running the base, but also learned that one of the Danes, Fylkjor, was terribly ill, and not to be disturbed in his room. The players went about their business, examining the neolithic ice man discovered in the caves beneath the base, but while they were there they snooped and became suspicious of Toffen insistence they not meet Fylkjor, so one canada goose outlet night they sneak in to his room to find him emaciated, apparently blind and delirious, with a strange occult mark scarred across his chest. Worried for him, the doctor amidst them turned to fetch her medical supplies, to be confronted with Toffen, holding a gun (the only gun in the base). He demanded to know what they were doing, and forced the players to follow him outside, in to the snowstorm, at gunpoint. Once outside, Toffen seems scared, and leads them a short walk through the snow to a ditch in the side of a mountain, the snow giving way to disturbed earth, apparently torn from the ground by gigantic hands or claws. Toffen lowered the gun, and informed the players that this is where he had buried Fylkjor, over a month ago, when he had died on a journey through the wastes canada goose coats on sale.

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