Ion Hazzikostas of Elitist Jerks narrates their Zul’Aman TBC speed run for the bear mount

On tyrannical weeks it makes the first boss much harder by having to run the gold + having to leave the circle for the aoe. On fortified the trash after the first boss has the whirlwind, on high levels can 1 tap if a mistake is made, granted it is avoidable, canada goose outlet orlando some classes may be less mobile. The blobs before second boss can be rough with green patches and not being able to get in to dps them with all melee. Those are the only things I can think of that make all melee harder, first boss, trash after first boss, and blobs before second boss. In PVE, I probably didnt use more than 10 unless something went wrong, but in PVP, pretty much every one of those 40 could be useful in certain situations.Thats when I started turning off the keybind text, so that I couldnt see what each ability canada goose outlet online was keybound to forcing me to internalize and learn it, instead of just watching my action bars. I still remember most of those canada goose outlet locations in toronto keybinds to this day, and a lot of my current keybinds mimic those ones, even if I have fewer keybinds now (for example my DPS cooldowns are usually shift+X, even if Im not using regular X for anything, just because of familiarity).There the flipside of players like me who enjoy having tools available.Be it arcane explosion or mana shield which canada goose outlet are hilariously inefficient in mana usage.Be it frost or fire wards canada goose jacket outlet sale which are useful in maybe 1 situation out of 100.Be it rank 1 frostbolt in pvp, or rank 1 blizzard in pvp to be mana efficient.Be it flamestrike as a baseline ability, which you can use even in frost spec to combo with blizzard for canada goose outlet michigan added aoe damage in big packs.Be it dampen magic rank 1 in pvp to protect against spellsteals, dispels or purges against your big or good buffs.These things in surface don seem important, but they are, because it gives you more choices, and more options, they can make you become better than anyone else if you know which tools to apply in their correct official canada goose outlet situations. Having more buttons to press means you are rewarded with more damage for knowing which canada goose factory outlet vancouver one to press next. Most melee specs currently have a set opener, then press abilities when they become available. That is significantly less engaging gameplay than having meaningful decision making with how we deal damage. Right now it seems like all things being equal, the difference between a good dps and a great one is just onowing whether to use the dps CD on CD on a given fight.Then there the issue of classes being arbitrarily told that we have different strengths and weaknesses, but then they give those strengths via numbers tuning instead of more specialised abilities, and then weaknesses are an absence of abilities (and capacity to contribute in a given situation) rather than just being less effective in that area. It means being good at something isn because of effective rotation or making good decisions, it because we are told that is what our spec is good at now. And same goes for any deficiencies.Tl;dr it is boring having a 4 5 button rotation with minimal skill cap for situational decision making, and only being effective in areas that our spec is arbitrarily told we should be good at now. If you are attacking a single target, and another enemy comes along, you would be awarded for adapting your rotation based on the presence of that second target. Same goes for fights with heavy movement, periodic add spawns, etc. I can only speak for melee specs, but it seems that rotations stay the same except for changing which finisher you use of there are 3 or more targets. Or for another example, if a boss wa moving out of range for a second then you might gave swapped a ranged ability for a lower priority one so you can still attack in that gcd. Little decisions like that rewarded on the fly decision making and knowledge of canada goose outlet jackets your spec, whereas now those priorities just means 4 button whack a mole where you just use anything whenever you can.Same goes for talent options. By having single target on the same tier, aoe on the same tier etc, it just encourages cookie cutter builds rather than choices that affect your rotation in different ways.For example, ret in MoP had sanctified wrath, divine purpose, and holy avenger. Each changed the rotation during wings significantly, but they all simmed close enough that it was a matter of preference. If there was a period where 20 seconds of insane burst was needed, HA could mean instantly generating and dumping holy power if a boss was moving around a canada goose outlet black friday lot or there were flting enemies, SW benefited from hammer of wrath short cooldown. But it was still a choice, and that choice had different consequences. All the specs still have little decisions that add up over time(moreso in legion than now, but we are in a relatively low complexity case compared to legion). MoP to WoD a lot of specs lost a lot of niche utility, but gained an extra tier of dps talents. WoD to Legion was a huge change with a massive reduction of dps abilities, overhaul of talent tree, and loss of utility, but with the promise that artifacts and legendaries would compensate for the baseline loss. A lot of artifact abilities and legendaries ended up being passive though, and any actual talents were lost anyways with BFA launch, plus no more tier sets means even less synergy/complexity each tier. Now we have so little baseline compared to MoP, with some of the biggest QoL changes currently being the re introduction of a couple old abilities for each spec as azerite traits.

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