And then, through deliberation, students are learning about the issues. They’re learning how to form arguments, how to weigh evidence. So there’s social studies content that is being learned in a process that is, at its heart, democratic.. And it is precisely this that is missing in Dawkins’ suggestion that “science is the poetry of reality.” For reality includes so much more, and canada goose black friday sale at so much greater depth of human canada goose outlet engagement, than can be canada goose outlet black friday provided by science.The irony canada goose outlet jackets here is that both Richard and I are huge fans of poetry (Richard knows more than I, but I no slouch for a scientist) and, more important, although we do see science as a form of beauty, we also appreciate poetry qua poetry. Of course we see great value in the humanities, and are moved by the emotions aroused in us by poetry, music, art, and literature. Canada Goose UK They may not be profound of knowing, but they engage our emotions by helping us see things in new ways, tugging on our heartstrings, affirming our common humanity, and allowing ourselves to be immersed in situations that are new and engaging.

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