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(2008). What did I get myself into?. On 14 Dec 2008.. As a sort of mirror image to the nameless man in the study, I’ve been diagnosed with Lyme, as well as bartonella and babesia coinfections, and have been treated (in stages) for all of these currently taking “a combination of azithromycin and atovaquone,” just as Cameron recommends for babesia. (Side note: The latter medication is also used to treat malaria, as babesia is a malaria like pathogen common to the Northeast United States that has now made its way into the blood supply. I’ll discuss more on this in a future article dedicated to Lyme coinfecitons.) And while I still have “good days” and “bad days” (some very bad), my health is markedly better than it has been in about five years and is better than the person profiled in the study..

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They were supposed to have been living in democracy

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